Saturday, February 14, 2015

Farm Tours

It's building up to that time. In the spring we love to have the kids from Edwards County schools, 4H groups and anyone that wants their kids to see a working farm, come visit.
A fun tour through the pastures and some sit down time with the newer of the additions.
This is so much fun and you can always count on the kids to ask the great questions that you would have never thought to answer. 
One thing about a small farm and the Heritage breeds we raise is the friendliness of the animals.
Most can be petted right in their pastures, and even with small kids, they can be interacted with.
A handful of grain and you're their new best friends.
With chicks and kids, the goat kind, young rabbits, calves and piglets to pet and (though we discourage it) chase, the children always seem to have fun.
Kids and animals are the best way to start spring!

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