Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mama, it's cold outside!

Since our Fainting Goat Does and Buck run together, we often have Kids during the winter months. With good shelter, a lot of hay/straw, and a nice heat lamp, they do just fine. But I always put little 'coats' on the kids for a bit of added protection. 
I make a simple and inexpensive Kid Coat from cast off or garage sale, long sleeve garments like sweat shirts, sweaters, and pajamas. Most slightly stretchy material shirts work fine. Something with a ribbed cuff is just perfect.
Here I have marked the lines to be cut with white chalk

Measure the sleeve to the goat (I just hold it up to her) from neck to tail plus a bit for good measure. The lines I have drawn here identify the cuts I will make. The back extends further than the 'belly' of the coat. With male kids I make the belly area short enough to keep the coat from getting wet when he pees.

Cut a notch out at the neck unless the neck is very loose.
I cut a notch out of the cuff, breaking the seam that holds the cuff to the sleeve, to allow the cuff to slip more easily over the Kid's head. If the material is looser, like a sweater or a sleeve that does not have a separate cuff, this cut is not necessary

Open the coat and lay it flat

I have found this simple little V cut for the front leg holes works quite well. It holds the coat in place, doesn't pinch the Kid and is very easily enlarged by extending the right side of the V.

Make the V cut with the right leg of the V the longest

A second V can be cut for the back legs, but I find the coat stays on just fine with just the front cut.

Next step is to hand the Kid and Coat to your grandson .

Taa Daa

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