Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Girl's Toy Box


I’ve never had dogs that played with toys before. I know other’s dogs have little baskets of toys but mine were never interested…until the Pyrs. The newest girls, Molly and Clara love their squeak toys, bones and old socks tied into a knot.

Clara enjoys squeak toys and bones.
Molly loves old slippers and "holy" socks
Yesterday, Bradley went to the door so I let him out to “potty”. In a bit he came to the door so I let him back in. Shortly he went to the door.  I wondered what his problem was, but I let him out. In a few minutes, he wanted back in. OK big boy, one more time. When he went to the door again I said, “What is your problem!?” He looked up at me and in his mouth was one of the girl’s toys!
Bradley was systematically emptying the toy box, taking each toy outside and burying it!

What a dork.